Jeep To Roll Out Four Electric SUV In 2025

Jeep to roll out four electric SUVs in the US by 2025

Jeep to roll out four electric SUV's in the US by 2025

Jeep would be launching four all-electric SUVs in the European and North American Market by the end of 2025.

The latest all-electric SUVs to be rolled out includes the Jeep Recon. The Recon has been the top selling on Jeeps list and is an all-new model. It will feature a host of amazing features like removable doors and windows, e-locker axle technology, under-body protection, tow hooks, a one-touch power top, and others.

Wagner S will be the name for the second all-electric. The SUV’s electric extension would be able to cover 400 miles (650 kilometers) on a single charge and a 0-60 mph time of around 3.0 seconds once it arrives. Both models will be flag shipped next year in North America. It will be sold in major markets around the world.

The Jeep Avenger will be launched in Europe by early 2023. The all-electric SUV will have a target range of 400 kilometers. Avenger will debut on 17 October during the Paris motor show.

The fourth SUV’S name and details are yet to be revealed.

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