Sony recently unveiled their 2023 Bravia televisions

At CES, LG, Samsung, and other big TV makers unveiled their high-end TVs. Sony was absent. After seeing them in person, I can say it was worth the wait.

Sony recently unveiled their 2023 Bravia televisions

Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR powers it’s 2023 Bravia XR TVs. They feature Sony’s XR Clear Image tech for adaptive noise reduction, auto HDR tone mapping, and more.

Sony is making its TVs look great out of the box in normal video or cinematic modes in 2023 to minimize setup. You shouldn’t need to adjust settings or have your TV adjusted. This is a nice upgrade for those who don’t have a colorimeter or don’t want to pay someone else to calibrate, which is most people.

Sony also added frame-integrated tweeters to some models. They enhance audio, especially when teamed with one of the company’s high-end soundbars with center sync audio. Sony’s new TVs also have an updated stand that makes it easier to use external speakers and soundbars.

Finally, Sony added Gaming and Eco dashboards to make settings easy to find and adjust. VRR, motion fuzz reduction, and more for gaming. FPS fans can add a permanent crosshair to the center of the screen with various reticle options. The Eco Dashboard offers an easy walkthrough to help you choose power-saving settings, including a happy little tree that grows when you reduce brightness or shorten idle power-off times.

As the entry-level Bravia XR model, the X90L will likely be the cheapest. Sony hasn’t announced pricing yet. A full-array LED panel with enhanced Clear Image upscaling and reduced blooming replaces last year’s X90K. Sony claims the X90L has up to 60% dimmer zones and is 30% brighter than before.

The X90L is Sony’s largest 2023 Bravia XR TV, with a new 98-inch model and a metal bezel instead of the X90K’s plastic one.

OLEDs A80L and A95L follow. Sony’s OLEDs preserved shadow details better than LG’s C2, and both types have better contrast. Sony’s QD-OLED LCD and Cognitive Processor gave the A95L twice the brightness of last year’s model. This is significant because OLED TVs have traditionally been less light than LED sets. Sony claims the A95L is brighter than all but the highest-end LED competitors. As an OLED fan, the A95L may be my best.

Sony’s flagships are the X93L and X95L. The X93L lacks Sony’s XR Clear Image tech but has Mini LED screens. X95L peak luminance is comparable with 30% more local dimming zones. If you need a smaller screen, you’ll have to get the X93L since the X95L is only offered in 85 inches.

Sony recently unveiled their 2023 Bravia television

In a room with typical lighting, the X93L and X95L preserved details and delivered accurate hues. Sony’s TVs almost outshone Samsung’s QN90B. The X93L’s lack of Clear Image tech made film grain more visible, but these sets are perfect for film fans who want to see movies as close as possible to the director’s vision.

Sony’s future Bravia XR TVs are all great, regardless of panel type. The X90L line has more local dimming zones, while the A95L has stunning two-times higher luminosity. Sony now offers larger screen sizes on most of its models, making it easy to find the right display for your room.


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