Twitter’s multicolored verification will start next week

Elon Musk said Twitter will roll out a new colorful verification system next week after botching the previous deployment.

Under this plan, companies will get a gold checkmark, government officials will get a grey checkmark (like the “official” checkmark it’s testing with certain prominent accounts), and individuals, even if they’re not celebrities, will get a blue checkmark. The blue check mark will be used with legacy verified accounts and Twitter’s $8/month premium plan.

Twitter's multicolored verification will start next week

Musk said the business will hand verify all verifications before launching the new system. Twitter Blue subscribers get a blue checkmark, thus it’s unclear what he means. Twitter’s decreased staff will be pressured to carefully check every verification to avoid impersonation or spam.

Musk said people can have a second emblem to indicate their affiliation. This organization must also verify that the person represents them. He noted that the decision to label all individual accounts as notable was subjective.

Musk suspended Twitter Blue and stated it would resume on November 29. Tesla’s CEO put this idea on hold this week until “impersonation is stopped thoroughly.” The first time he mentioned several colors for verification.

He didn’t say if the new verification mechanism will begin with Twitter Blue. This relaunch is likely for verified users, companies, and government officials, not paid subscribers.

Twitter Blue’s relaunch stops spam and phony accounts. Last Monday, the business altered its conditions so newly established accounts must wait 90 days before buying Twitter Blue.

When Twitter’s new verification method launched on November 9, several accounts impersonated corporations, athletes, and celebrities. Twitter quickly stopped the initiative. Now he’s taking precautions to prevent a repeat.

Musk stated today that Twitter will provide all suspended accounts “a universal amnesty” starting next week based on a recent vote.

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