Meta adds 90-second Facebook Reels features

Today, Meta revealed support for 90-second Facebook Reels and new creative tools. Facebook Reels were 60 seconds before. Meta introduced 90-second Instagram Reels several months prior. After introducing 10-minute films, TikTok expanded.

Meta adds 90-second Facebook Reels features

The firm is adding more creative tools, including a trending templates feature for Reels. Last year, Instagram Reels added a feature that lets users recreate the Reels they viewed. Templates resemble TikTok’s templating tool.

Facebook Reels also has a new “Grooves” feature that uses visual beat technology to sync your video to your beloved song. After releasing Instagram Reels last year, Meta is adding video-to-sound sync to Facebook Reels.

These new Reels features were launched on Instagram over seven months ago and are now on Facebook. Meta may have wished to test them on Instagram Reels before bringing them to Facebook Reels.

Facebook debuted Reels last year as part of Meta’s TikTok response. Meta initially saw Reels as a way to combat TikTok with a feature inside the Instagram app directly. Still, the company soon realized it could mount a more powerful counteroffensive if it also included Facebook and enabled cross-posting.

Meta says Reels is its fastest-growing format. The firm reported in an email that reel plays on Facebook and Instagram have more than doubled in a year. In the past six months, Facebook and Instagram Reel reshares have doubled. Meta will keep adding Reels features to help creators get found.


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