Amazon Fashion and Snap offer augmented reality eyewear trials

Amazon and Snap have teamed up to create an augmented reality fashion experience that will allow users to virtually try on and buy different brands and styles of eyewear.

Amazon Fashion’s “Virtual Try-On” feature allows it’s 363 million daily active Snapchat users to virtually try on any of the thousands of available eyewear styles.

Amazon Fashion and Snap offer augmented reality eyewear trials

According to Amazon, the two businesses worked together to develop 3D asset standards that make it possible for Snap’s AR Try-On Technology to work with Amazon’s asset library. Amazon’s tech is compatible with Snap’s glasses, allowing for the sharing and dynamic updating of 3D assets and product information, giving consumers access to up-to-the-minute facts on product selection, details, and availability.

According to a statement made by Muge Erdirik Dogan, president of Amazon Fashion, “millions of customers frequently use Amazon’s AR buying technology across categories in our stores,” with Virtual Try-On for Eyewear being a long-time customer favorite. “We’re excited to work with Snapchat to bring augmented reality shopping to more fashion brands and the next generation of online consumers.”

The shopping lenses may be accessed via the @amazonfashion Snapchat public profile, the For You and Dress Up tabs in Snap’s Lens Explorer, and the Snap Camera Lens Carousel.

Amazon Fashion and Snap offer augmented reality eyewears

Customers may access the feature by visiting the Amazon Fashion Snapchat page and tapping the “lenses” button, which will take them to a gallery of virtual eyewear options. When a customer is ready to buy, they can do so with a single click in the Amazon Fashion section.

It’s the tech industry’s newest fashion-forward development. Combining the company’s technological prowess with consumers’ continued preference for physically touching and trying on products, Amazon established its first Amazon Style clothes stores this year.

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