US FTC Seeks To Know More On Amazon’s $1.7 Billion iRobot Deal

The U.S Federal Trade Commission seeks to investigate Amazon’s $1.7 billion buyout of the Roomba Vacuum Maker to assess whether the deal has breached antitrust law.


It was reported by iRobot that, the FTC said they had on Monday requested more details on the iRobot deal that was announced in August.

The e-commerce giant made this deal in an effort to expand its lineup with speakers, home security doorbells, cameras, and more.

In their regulatory filling, the FTC requests “any soliciting material published, sent or given to security holders”.

The FCT mentioned, “A second request typically asks for business documents and data that will inform the agency about the company’s products or services, market conditions where the company does business, and the likely competitive effects of the merger”. It seems this investigation results from the upstir on Amazon’s market power.

Until the FCT concludes the investigation they are doing on the two companies, the deal continues as planned.

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