Discord adds ChatGPT-like features, AI-generated chat summaries, and more

Discord is the newest company to embrace AI. Today, the firm launched new AI experiences on several servers.

Most notably, Discord is updating its Clyde bot with OpenAI ChatGPT technology to allow longer talks. In any server channel, type @Clyde to talk with Clyde. Clyde can make a thread for your friends to hang out with. Discord says Clyde can suggest playlists and use GIFs and emojis like any user.

Discord adds ChatGPT-like features, AI-generated chat summaries, and more

Discord stated in a blog post that Clyde may react to slash commands or DM you if you make a mistake. Next week, OpenAI technology will bring Clyde to life in Discord.

Clyde can give you gifs or five cat facts.

Discord is updating AutoMod to use big language models. AutoMod now uses OpenAI to find and notify moderators of server rule violations while understanding the discussion context. Today, select servers begin the AutoMod AI trial.

Since last year, AutoMod has automatically blocked more than 45 million unwanted messages from servers before they could be shared.

Discord is adding AI-generated chat summaries. The new feature groups messages by topic so users can easily catch up or join in. These new summaries will display themes on the right side of the screen for some users. Conversation summaries can be set in Server Settings and will roll out to a few servers next.

Discord is considering other AI integrations in addition to these three new AI encounters. Discord open-sourced Avatar Remix, an app that lets users remix images using generative image models. The Avatar Remix code is available on GitHub today. The firm is also testing a shared visual space with an AI-powered text-to-image generator for friends and coworkers.

The firm announced an AI incubator and resources for Discord AI developers. Discord is funding coders and startups with $5 million through the incubator.

Open AI’s ChatGPT has dominated the internet since its launch a few months ago, making AI a trending issue. Thus, Discord’s AI chatbot isn’t unexpected.

Snapchat and Slack recently added ChatGPT-like tools, joining Discord.

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