Apple’s Tap to Pay will soon be supported by PayPal and Venmo

By downloading the PayPal or Venmo app for iOS on their iPhones, merchants will have the ability to take contactless payments from customers.

Apple's Tap to Pay will soon be supported by PayPal and Venmo

It is going to be much simpler for merchants in the United States to accept payments directly on their iPhones thanks to PayPal. The business is integrating support for Apple’s Tap to Pay technology into the iOS versions of the PayPal and Venmo apps. This will allow merchants to accept contactless credit or debit cards and mobile wallets without the need for an additional external card reader (via MacRumors).

Tap to Pay was initially introduced by Apple in February. Integration with the mobile applications of PayPal and Venmo may represent a significant step forward for the widespread adoption of Apple’s touchless technology. This may be beneficial for business owners who do not wish to rely on third-party readers in order to accept contactless payments. Additionally, it will help PayPal compete with rival payment service Square, which introduced support for the Tap to Pay mobile payment method in September.

According to PayPal’s financial report for the third quarter of 2022, which was released on Thursday, support will “soon” be introduced to both PayPal and Venmo. This is not the only recent step that PayPal has taken to increase Venmo’s utility; Venmo is also going to be introduced as an option for payment on Amazon.

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