Amazon’s New Kindle Now Offers 2x Storage


Amazon’s kindle e-reader is one of the best of its kind.

Amazon announced to offer a new 6-inch Kindle with improved features at $100 describing it as the lightest and smallest e-reader.

The new Kindle also has a massive improvement in its display, the Paperwhite which is sharper than the previous kindle, as the high-resolution display is 300ppi high. It comes with twice the storage of the former of 16gigabytes. From this improvement, readers get to read without a slight blur and there will be more space for storing more data. Readers would now be able to store a whole lot of books.

Among the additions, is a USB-C charging. Battery life of up to six weeks per charge as well as an adjustable front light.

The new Kindle cost $99.99 with lock screen ads and $119.99 which comes with an upgrade as an ad-free device. Then there is the Kindle Kids edition also comes at $119.99 as well as a two-year warranty, a free one-year subscription to Amazon Kids, and a captivating cover.

The new Kindle is available for pre-order and will begin shipping on October 12th.

Also, the new Kindle can now be ordered in different ways, with extra cost for extra features.

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