The evolution of the light phone|Anti-Smartphone Revolution

The evolution of the light phone. A magical light-hearted experience.

The anti-smart phone or light phone is created by designers Joe Holler and Kaiwei Tang in other to curtail the mindless scrolling and distractions engendered by excessive usage of smartphones.

The light phone

The light phone measures 3.8 by 2.0, it’s roughly 2.4 inches wide and about 3.5 inches thick. It does have Bluetooth, a charging port, and the e-ink displays the same kind on e-books such as kindle. The light phone is a credit card-sized phone with a simple LCD display and a numerical keypad, it also uses a 2G GSM network as well and it costs $244. The anti-smartphone creates a beautiful way to detach from the cyber world as it is a no text message, no application phone.

We couldn’t help but feel that the last thing the world needed was another app” mentioned the designers. The phone helps you stay connected as it has the essential features needed.

If are looking to dumb down your smartphone because of fear of missing out on the real world, lack of sleep, lack of productivity or you just want to take a break, the designers of the minimalist phone made it easier to disconnect and yet keep in touch with your loved ones.

Also, the device is needed by parents seeking ways to connect with their kids but fear the unrestricted access to negative content that comes with smartphone usage.

Imagine having a phone with no social media, no applications, junk mail, or any other feed. Would it be beautiful or disastrous?

What do you think of the light phone? Would you opt for one?

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