Nreal is bringing it’s Air AR augmented reality glasses

Nreal is rolling out its Air augmented reality glasses in the US alongside its AR operating system which the M1 and M2 powered MacBook supports.

Nreal is bringing Air AR augmented reality glasses

The Nreal Air is a pair of lightweight AR glasses and the device is basically for streaming shows and playing games which when tethered to a phone offers a magical viewing experience to smartphone users. Imagine having a 3D view via your phone, that will be amazing. The Nreal light glass is built in OLED screens that present a closeup view measuring a sum of 130-inches from a 3 meters distance with a pixel density as high as 49 pixels per degree and a 90Hz refresh support system.

The MacBook’s version of the Air glasses offers a more picturesque view with a display option compared to the regular ones for Android devices.

The Nreal Air price is up to $379 and will be available via Amazon today. But if you wish to connect it to an iOS, you will need to buy the $59 Nreal adapter.

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