France fines TikTok for cookie-consent manipulation

TikTok, which is owned by ByteDance, was fined $5.41 million (€5 million) by the French government on Thursday for issues related to the platform’s management of internet tracking via “cookies.”

TikTok fined in France for manipulative cookie-consent flow

Photo Credit: TikTok

The French data protection authority CNIL stated it was only looking into, not the service’s more popular smartphone apps.

The CNIL discovered that users of had a more difficult time rejecting web trackers than they did accept them. The regulatory body also noted that TikTok’s cookie usage was not made clear to website visitors.

A representative for TikTok said, “These results pertain to historical practices that we addressed last year, including making it easier to reject non-essential cookies and providing greater information about the aims of specific cookies.”

“The CNIL itself highlighted our cooperation during the inquiry and user privacy remains a primary priority for TikTok,” the spokeswoman continued.

If a website wants to utilize cookies, which are little text files saved on a user’s browser while they browse the Web, they must have their users’ explicit agreement beforehand, according to regulations enacted by the European Union.


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