Apple’s mixed reality headset may launch this spring

Apple’s much-talked-about AR/VR headset has been in development for quite some time, and it’s now close to being released. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that the product will be unveiled in the spring, in time for the company’s annual WWDC conference in June. Apple has apparently shown the headset to a select group of prominent software developers, providing them with an early glimpse at the company’s next “xrOS” operating system. Gurman believes Apple will release “Reality Pro” in the fall after announcing it in the spring.

Apple’s long-rumored mixed reality headset could finally debut this spring

As a result of the last-minute push to ship the headgear, Apple’s 2023 product line will suffer. Due to Apple’s reassignment of software engineers to the xrOS project, the upcoming version of iOS will release with “fewer key improvements than initially intended.” That’s also true for macOS 14, Gurman notes. As disappointing as Apple’s software is, the company’s hardware aspirations are much less exciting. The iPad, Apple Watch, and audio product lines will not receive any “of note” improvements from the business in the near future. Gurman predicts that new iPad Pro models will use OLED panels by 2024. In his opinion, the next Apple Silicon MacPro will be “another failure.” Supposedly, the new desktop will look identical to the 2019 model, and due to the nature of Apple’s M-series chipsets, you won’t be able to replace the computer’s RAM yourself.

A new 15-inch MacBook Air and an iPhone 15 might be the only highlights of an otherwise drab release schedule. As for the latter, according to Gurman, all models of the upcoming iPhone 15 will support USB-C charging and Apple’s new Dynamic Island function. New titanium unibody construction and haptic volume controls are being added to the Pro series.


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