Nothing could launch new wireless earbuds

According to rumors, Nothing is working on a new sub-brand for truly wireless headphones. Developer Kuba Wojciechowski (via 91mobiles) uncovered information about an unannounced set of “Particles by XO” headphones by sifting through the company’s current firmware.

Nothing could launch new wireless earbuds

Photo Credit: Nothing

The headphones have a distinct look, with some renderings comparing them to peanuts or molecular chains. Wojciechowski claims that the headphones’ LHDC codec support and active noise suppression make them ideal for commuters. Thus, it seems that Nothing is working on a new device that combines features from both the Ear 1 and the Ear Stick wireless earbuds. Some hints suggest that the headphones are associated with Nothing. To begin, their secret designation within the company is “B154.” According to reports, Nothing has given its future Ear 2 headphones the same codename, B155. On Saturday, the US Patent and Patent Office granted a trademark for “Particles by XO” to a front firm called “The Most Unknown LLC.”

With only three items to its name, it’s unclear why Nothing, led by former OnePlus CEO Carl Pei, would launch a new brand for the sole purpose of selling wireless earbuds.

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