NASA Has Replaced Leakey Seals On Artemis 1

NASA completed the repair removal and replacement of faulty seals on Friday.

NASA Has Replaced Leakey Seals On Artemis 1

The national Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has succeeded in fixing the critical leaking of hydrogen on their Space Launch System(SLS) which their first attempt to repair on 3rd September worsened the leakage forcing them to cancel their launch attempt.

According to  Artemis Mission Manager Micheal Sarafin, the leak began after one of the fuel lines to the Artemis core booster gets overpressured.

Although NASA said, it needs to carry out a fueling test to confirm if the SLS rocket’s hydrogen leaks are fixed then it will fill the 322-foot-tall (98meters) rocket with the 736,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen it needs for launch, while the fuel testing is being carried out on 17th September.

NASA also needs to roll back the SLS back to its Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) for a standard test.

In an Update, NASA mentioned that “this demonstration will allow engineers to check the new seals under cryogenic, or supercold, conditions as expected on launch day and before proceeding to the next launch attempt”.

NASA officials also announced that their next launch attempt could be on 23 September pending the SLS rocket fueling test being successful.

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