Sony updates PS5 with Discord, 1440p, and more

Sony’s PS5 update adds Discord. Version 7 of the PS5 software, available for all consoles, allows PS5 users to join Discord calls, improves 1440p resolution, allows data transfer between consoles, and lets you use your voice to record gameplay clips.

Sony updates PS5 with Discord, 1440p, and more

Discord calls can be transferred to PS5 consoles via mobile or PC apps. Like how Microsoft debuted Discord support on the Xbox last year, you can’t directly access Discord servers on a PS5 without using a mobile device or PC to transfer the call.

Discord interaction is smooth. After transferring a call, you can see your Xbox, PC, and other pals in a party-like app on the PS5 dashboard until you end it. Currently, only voice calls are allowed, so you can’t see Discord chat messages, stream your console screen, or view other Discord users’ streams.

Discord integration lets PS5 users chat with Xbox and PC players without using in-game chat. Last year, Microsoft improved its Xbox Discord integration, allowing users to join voice groups without a phone or PC. Sony should follow suit in the future months.

Sony updates PS5 with Discord

This update improves PS5 1440p mode. Sony says 1440p has been extended with Variable Refresh Rate for smoother game visuals. If your display didn’t work with 1440p initially, it might now work with more modes and HDMI devices.

This update improves Sony’s vocal command support. “Hey PlayStation, capture that!” lets US and UK PS5 users record gameplay. “Capture the last 5 minutes” lets you request custom-timed clips.

Sony is also adding a “friends who play” tile to the PS5 dashboard to show which pals are playing games. Sony also makes it easy for games to load PS4-saved data on PS5. PS5 users can now transfer data and games via local Wi-Fi or LAN.

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