YouTube now accepts Username format

Soon, YouTube will roll out the YouTube handle, which will make it easier for creators to talk to their viewers. This was said by the company today. The new handle will be available for all accounts, whether or not their owners are using them.

YouTube introduces account handle - The platform now supports the Username format

Creators will be able to use the feature first, though. The company also said that the new handle will show up on the user’s page and a short video. This will let you mention other people in posts, comments, and video descriptions, just like you can on other platforms.

Usernames are often used as handles on other popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tiktok. Well, this YouTube trend does not seem to be going away.

YouTube said that by adding the new feature, users will be recognized right away.

The company will make a matching URL, but people who already have one will still use it.

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