Accidentally Refunded a Sum Of $7.5 Million To a Customer Company accidentally refunded a sum of $7.5 million to a customer mistakenly transferred 10.5 million AUD which is equivalent to (7.2 million USD) to an Australian Customer instead of a $100 AUD ($68 USD) due to an unintended error.

According to the company, the mistake was made in May and later discovered recently during an audit in December, it literally took the company 7months to notice the error.

The said customer who appeared to be an Australian with the name Thevamanogari Manival applied for a refund of $100 in which the company accidentally transferred $10.5 million instead, she decided to keep the money to herself.

Although the company was granted an account freeze in February unfortunately for the company, she has transferred most of the money to another account mentioned in The Guardian, also that same month, Manivel is said to have spent $1.35 million AUD (approximately $890,000) on a five-bedroom home and transferred ownership of it to her sister.

According to The Guardian report, despite the transfer to another account, albeit those accounts were later frozen too.

The Company is currently fighting to get its cash back by filing a lawsuit in the Victoria supreme court where Manival was ordered to sell the house bought and return the money with interest. The case is to resume in October.

Source: Endgadget

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