Apple Expanded Its Self Repair service

Apple has expanded its self-service repair to the M1 chip MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks allowing users to do their own repairs.

Apple self service

Apple made this announcement on Monday. The US customers will be the first consumers to access the repair tool kit.

Since April the company has rolled out rental repair services for the likes of the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE(2022). The company now took the initiative to provide self-service repair for MacBooks.

Apple is also said to eventually expand the self-repair program to more countries as well as provide additional Mac Models later this year.

The self-service repair for both the MacBooks will cover a whole lot of different repair types for each model, including display, battery, top case, and trackpad. Apple also provided a manual alongside the repair kit which would be obtained by visiting service repair. Apple will also offer rental kits for $49 for customers who do not want to purchase tools for a single repair.

Apple’s decision to allow customers to repair their devices is to give users more control over their devices. Prices of the repair tool range from $5 for five screws, $12 for an audio board, $29 for speakers, and $550 for a logic board. The company said the price of the 5,000 charged remains the same.

The Apple tools are designed to provide aid/ease in repairing Apple products, The company added, “for the vast majority of customers who do not have experience repairing electronic devices, visiting a professional repair provider with certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts is the safest and most reliable way to get a repair.

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