Google Chrome Introduced a Passcode For Incognito Tabs

Google has added up another spectrum of security to the Android incognito tabs, users can now set fingerprint lock to protect their tabs from easy access by other people, and will enable you to add a little more protection to your private browsing sessions.

Google Chrome Introduced a Passcode For Incognito Tabs

This privacy feature is discovered by 9to5Google.

The chrome incognito mode is meant to hide the information on a user’s search record. That is whenever someone tries to search for your history he will not be able to see it as the chrome incognito mode automatically hides it.

Now the upgrade not only hides your search record but instantly locks the incognito tabs once you exit the app. According to 9to5Google after you quit the app when you try to access it again a gray tab will appear asking you to “Unlock Incognito” once you tap it will instantly bring up the fingerprint sensor.

To enable this feature you’ll have to head to your app’s privacy and security setting, you will then find an option to “lock incognito tab when you leave”, and you will confidently hand or leave your phone to someone.

Although Google has not widely rolled out the feature it has added a chrome flag that will give you access to the latest incognito fingerprint lock

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