Instagram To Introduce New Repost Features

The Meta-owned platform Instagram will soon be testing a new feature that would allow users to share other people’s posts in their own feeds.

Instagram To Introduce New Repost Features

It was posted on Twitter, on the profile of Adam Mosseri Instagram’s CEO, and first spotted by the social media consultant Matt Navarra. At the same time, Instagram has since confirmed to Techcrunch that It has plans to introduce the report function.

Techcrunch said it has received a mail from the Meta App saying “We are exploring the ability to reshape post in feed-similar to how you can reshare in stories-so people can share what resonates with them, and so original creators are credited for their work”. “we plan to test this soon with a small number of people.”

The new feature would make the Repost tab appear on users’ profiles alongside the posts, deals, and tagged photos tab.

Although Meta Apps is yet to release the Repost feature publicly TechCrunch says

This will make sharing easier, users will get to repost posts occasionally

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