The Brain Booster Neurosity’s “Crown”

The crown is a wearable device invented by Neurosity. The Crown is an EGG wearable device that aids you to focus in other to promote high productiveness.

The Crown

Neurosity is a New York Based Startup founded by AJ Keller a former Boeing employee and Alex Castillo, an ex Netflix Engineer.

Alex Castillo, Co-founder at Neurosity aforesaid, “With Crown, Neurosity has invented a whole new category of wearable EGG focus device that lets you take control of your focus no matter where you go.

Neurosity has introduced the Crown, a breakthrough EGG wearable device that packs a computer into an ultra-portable, 8.8-ounce design that rests easily and comfortably on the crown of your head. It runs Neurosity’s music shift (connected with Spotify) to help users attain and sustain an optimal flow state for higher productivity.

The device is secure and private by design, it does not save up your information. The Neurosity operating system features state-of-the-art privacy with authentication, authorization, and data encryption embedded into the hardware.

The Neurosity's Crown


Although brain wave technology is long known to scientists, Neurosity happens to be the first company to bring the brain wave technology to you.

The wearable device is designed in a way that it measures electrical impulses produced by the brain thereby allowing the device to estimate your focus levels.

The crown detects when you are working hence, it automatically mutes all notifications in order to avert distraction, and then it plays productivity-enhanced music which in turn keeps one calm, relaxed, and focused.

Cody Rail M.D, a psychiatrist at the US Navy claimed that “The amount of EGG data the crown can collect and output is really unprecedented. Neurosity customer service is unrivaled”.

If you are a gamer or just anyone struggling to concentrate and be productive, then the crown is for you.

The crown is the best device that lets you set yourself to focus on slack.

Source Neurosity.

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