Luxury wraps the Polester 3 electric SUV

Polestar has introduced its first and most advanced electric sport utility vehicle (SUV), and pricing in the United States will begin at $83,900.

The polester 3 electric SUV is wrapped up and its pure luxury.

The business advertises the so-called performance SUV as a five-passenger SUV that comes with an 11kWh battery that has an EPA-rated range of up to 300 miles, but at the same time, the SUV comes with a stylish style that is at the top-of-the-line.

According to Polster, it will take the battery twenty minutes to go from twenty to eighty percent capacity if it is charged at the maximum rate of 250 kW.

The sport utility vehicle (SUV) would be capable of autonomous driving thanks to its five cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors, all of which are designed to ensure the passenger’s safety while the vehicle is being operated by Nvidia’s drive computer.

This business collaborates with Volvo Cars as well as a Chinese carmaker.

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