Snapchat’s new GPT-powered AI robot is officially released

Snapchat is the newest company to embrace AI. Today, the firm launched “My AI,” a customized chatbot using OpenAI’s latest GPT technology. Snapchat+, the $3.99-a-month subscription program, now has my AI as an experimental feature.

Snapchat's new GPT-powered AI robot is officially released

The Chat tab will add the new chatbot. My AI can aid with trivia and haikus. My AI has a unique voice and personality to reflect its ideals of “friendship, learning, and fun.” It’s also been taught the app’s faith and safety rules.

“My AI can recommend birthday gift ideas for your BFF, plan a hiking trip for a long weekend, suggest a dinner recipe, or even write a haiku about cheese for your cheddar-obsessed pal,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Name My AI and customize your Chat wallpaper.”

Snapchat states that “as with all AI-powered chatbots,” My AI can be made to say anything. Microsoft’s Bing, revised with OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, seems to be the company’s reference. After a week, people started posting odd and unsettling responses from the search engine, prompting Microsoft to admit that Bing can react outside of its “designed tone.” Snapchat’s chatbot, My AI, has “many deficiencies.” Snapchat apologized to new robot users in advance.

Snapchat’s My AI isn’t a search engine like Bing. Instead, Snapchat treats it like a buddy you can chat with.

My AI will record all talks for product improvement. Snapchat advises against confiding in My AI or seeking help from the chatbot. My AI is intended to avoid biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading information, but mistakes may happen, the company says. By pressing and holding My AI messages, the social network invites input.

Open AI’s ChatGPT has taken over the internet since its debut a few months ago. Thus, AI has trended in recent months. As a result of these considerations, it’s not shocking that Snapchat is integrating an artificial intelligence chatbot into its own texting service.
Snapchat’s AI chatbot addition isn’t surprising given these reasons.

Safety is essential because Snapchat targets young users. Snapchat says the chatbot will not respond to harmful or misleading themes.

“Our app reaches 750 million people per month, with 75% of 13- to 34-year-olds in over 20 countries,” the company writes in the blog post. This technology could make AI encounters part of Snapchat’s appeal.

Snapchat thinks AI will improve the app’s experience and foster deeper connections. My AI may boost the company’s two million-plus paid subscribers in the short run.


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