Instagram Adds a Chat Feature for Broadcast Channels

Users can now directly message Instagram artists. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday unveiled a new mobile feature for Instagram dubbed broadcast channels. Mark Zuckerberg made the declaration in an exclusive broadcast he created called Meta Channel, where he intends to release future Meta updates.

Instagram Launches Broadcast Channels Chat Feature


Only creators have the ability to post to broadcast channels, while followers are able to read posts, respond, and vote in surveys. Meta has announced future plans to expand broadcast channel functionality, including the ability to crowdsource queries for a “ask me anything.”

Guests are welcome to join broadcast channels, but only subscribers will be alerted to the creator’s updates. Subscribers have the option to silence broadcast channels and set the frequency with which they are notified by a given channel.

Instagram Adds a Chat Feature for Broadcast Channels

Although the feature is currently only accessible to a small number of US-based producers, Meta has plans to make it available to a wider range of creators in the near future.

In addition, Zuckerberg announced that broadcast networks would be available on Facebook and Messenger in the near future.


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