Snapchat now lets you regulate story snap expiration

Three new features are being released today for Snapchat Premium users, and the company has indicated plans to release more. There’s an ability to set a time limit on a tale, multiple color borders for the camera, and a downloadable ringtone for alerts.

Snapchat now gives you control over when snaps on your story expires

In addition to the standard 24-hour lifespan for snaps on a user’s story, the custom story feature allows users to set the lifespan to a duration of their choosing.

However, when taking pictures, you can add a splash of color with the camera’s custom border, which comes in a variety of hues like crayon blue, lime green, yellow, Aqua blue, fire orange, and more.

With the personalized notification option, Snapchatters can set an individual tone to alert them whenever any of a certain number of pals send a snap. There are six supplemental noises.

There are now even more fun options to choose from, such as a Halloween-themed Bitmoji background, priority story replies, a replay indicator for app icons, and a best friend forever pin.

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