Youtube raises premium monthly subscription

Premium YouTube Family Plan users are being notified of the price increase through email. There will be a $5 price increase as a result of this change.

Youtube increase premium monthly subscription price

Beginning on November 21st, the monthly fee will be $22.99, up from $17.99.

It would appear that YouTube is actively seeking out novel monetization strategies.

As if that weren’t terrible enough, YouTube hasn’t explained the rationale behind the sudden price hike, making it even more of a surprise to existing users.

Several nations, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Argentina, will be hit by the price hike.

However, according to a statement from a YouTube representative, the firm is unable to implement this price hike at this time “We understand the difficulty this may cause for some of our subscribers, and we make no such choices lightly. To better reflect the full value of YouTube Premium and to ensure that we can continue to support the YouTube creators and musicians you enjoy, we have adjusted our pricing structure.”

Although the price has gone up, there has been no change to the quality of the product or service provided.

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