Facebook introduces “show more/show less”

On Wednesday, Facebook unveiled a new upgrade to Facebook feed that adds the ability to personalize your feed.

Facebook introduces show more:show less

Underneath user-posted content in the stream, “show more” and “show less” options have recently been added.

The meta App tweeted, “Today, we are announcing new ways to customize what you see in your Facebook Feed so you can discover what’s most relevant to you,” where they went on to say that users can now choose to “show more” or “show less” of content based on their connections and Facebook’s recommendations.

Now you may personalize your feed and only receive information that is of interest to you. You have the option of viewing a lot or a little of what your friends and relatives post.

By adjusting the settings for the new customizable option, users can reduce the amount of useless content recommended by the algorithm.

According to the company, “The buttons will also appear in the three-dot menu on individual posts and in the feed preferences settings.”

Like Instagram, Meta wants to manage the deluge of content that floods users’ profiles on the social media platform.

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