Amazon Photos for Android finally redesigned

A similar update was made available to iOS users in November of last year, making it even easier to access free and unlimited photo libraries stored at full quality.

Amazon Photos for Android finally redesigned for users

Amazon Photos on Android has been revamped to make app navigation and photo and video sharing easier for users, bringing the service in line with a similar upgrade that rolled out to iOS smartphones about a year ago.

Amazon Photo customers may now search a photo gallery from the home screen alone, highlighting that navigation options are all “within a thumb’s reach.” Swiping up within the Amazon Photographs gallery on your device will reveal a new control panel with customized capabilities for filtering photos by the object, location, or year.

Tapping the Amazon Smile logo in the top-left corner of the gallery page will also provide users with access to options such as customer accounts, uploads, and prints, while tapping the “Paper airplane” button in the top right will take users to a page where images and videos can be privately shared with friends and family.

Amazon Photos for Android finally redesigned


Amazon Prime members enjoy unlimited free full-resolution photo storage and 5GB of video storage on Amazon Photos, which can be seen on devices like the Echo Show and Fire TV. For existing customers, the Amazon Photos Android app will be immediately updated to reflect these changes.

These capabilities aren’t new to iOS users, but they provide Amazon Photos on Android smartphones a much-needed boost in order to compete with competing services like Google Photos, which doesn’t have a comparable free storage tier. Google, on the other hand, has released multiple updates this year, including enhancements to libraries and sharing, as well as a revamped Memories feature, in the same amount of time that Amazon has taken to deploy these old changes to Android devices.

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