iOS 16 Is Now Available For Download

Apple has launched its newest software update, iOS 16 and it’s here to improve user experience to a delight. iPhone owners can now download the latest software and update it in order to explore the exciting features it came with. While the most exciting part is, that it comes as a free software update.

iOS 16

But you will need to have an iPhone 8 and its preceding iPhones to run the new iOS 16.  Although the latest iPhone 14 comes with a new software update.

It brings the latest features like personalized lock screens, a shared photo library, shortcuts with Siri, focus filters, and a host of other features.

Amongst the features, the lock screen has been updated which makes it even more personal and captivating as well. It gives its offer a flexible personalization, users can now get useful information like battery levels, upcoming calenders events, alarms, and more on their widgets. Users can now customize the font and style type to their taste while there is an art display of photos in front of the time, like a picture subject, which could vividly appear before the time written on the screen.

There is an available dynamic set of amazing pictures that shuffle throughout the day or one can choose any picture from his gallery. It brings a wide array of aesthetics like personal emojis, multiple lock screens, weather wallpaper showing a live weather report, and more.

With the iOS focus feature, it makes it easy for users to concentrate on any particular thing they want to, as it will only display relevant content.

For messages, users can now undo send, isn’t that amazing? It makes it possible for users to edit, and mark conversations as unread and what have you.

Users can also cancel emails, and undelivered message before it reaches the recipient, the feature aids in delivering an accurate message.

Users can now share pictures by a mere long press on it thereby lifting the picture and placing it in messaging Apps. It identifies the subject/object in pictures enabling it to provide information about them.

Safari now adds passkeys enabling more privacy in the browser.

Navigators are also accessible in the latest iOS which direct users to destinations for users with physical disabilities.

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