Top iOS 16 Features You Must Know

Apple’s iOS 16 is set to be released this coming September. Though the BETA Version has been released, here are some cool features that will get you excited.

  • Live Wallpaper: The iOS 16 comes with live wallpaper though not like the android version of live wallpaper, it can’t be played on your Home Screen but you can play the Live Photo on your Lock Screen.
  • Wallpaper Customisation: Finally the iPhone wallpaper can now be customized and there are so many cool wallpapers to choose from.

Apple iOS 16 Wallpaper

  • Lock Hidden & Recently Deleted: One of the cool features you get from the iOS 16 is you can now permanently lock recently deleted photos & hidden albums, and can only be unlocked using a passcode or face id.
  • Messages: These new features have been wanted by Apple users for many years, but with the new iMessage features you can now edit messages after you send them and you can undo messages.
  • Auto Cropping: You can now automatically crop and save a picture of any object, animal, or anything you wish to crop by just tapping and holding the object.
  • Apple Pay: You can now be able to transfer money from one person to another by just tapping two iPhones together.
  • Apple Pay Later: With Apple pay later users can now split payments into four equal payments with zero interest and no fees using Apple pay.
  • Notifications: Most exciting feature is the new notification display, notifications are now on the bottom of the lock screen instead of the top.

iOS16 Lockscreen Notifications

Are you excited about the new iOS 16?

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