The Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is now only $71

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is a portable battery that clamps to an iPhone’s back and wirelessly charges it. At full price, the battery is challenging to sell, but now it’s $71, the lowest price we’ve seen. Apple sells the iPhone for $99, but its average internet price has been $90 recently.

Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack is down to a new low of $71

Credit: Apple

The MagSafe Battery Pack works with any iPhone 12, 13, or 14 models; just stick it on the back and let it charge. Unlike many third-party rivals, no extra buttons are needed to start charging. It’s a compact, matte plastic rectangle meant to fit within the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s rear.

Apple-made products can interface with iPhones better than competitor MagSafe batteries. iOS’s Control Center and Batteries widget show the battery’s charge level, and you can reverse-charge it from your iPhone when it’s plugged in. You can turn off the pack’s default setting to charge your phone to 100% if you choose.

You can turn the MagSafe Battery Pack into a 15W wireless charging puck using a 20W or higher charger and a USB-C to Lightning connection. Apple doesn’t offer a cable or power brick, but if you already have both for your iPhone, that’s not a problem.

MagSafe Battery Pack has issues charging your iPhone. Wireless charging has improved over the years, but a cable with a standard battery pack will normally charge faster. The MagSafe Battery Pack’s 1,460mAh (or 11.13Wh) capacity can only charge an iPhone 14 to 60-65% from zero.

Anker’s 622 Magnetic Battery has a bigger 5,000mAh (19.25Wh) capacity and can obtain 80-85 charges on the same phone. It includes a built-in kickstand, costs less than Apple’s pack, and comes in more colors. MagSafe Battery Pack is white. It’s not as well-designed for iPhones and lacks accessories, but it’s better if you want more power from a tiny MagSafe pack. Anker’s 633 Magnetic Battery offers a higher capacity but is thicker.

Due to their restricted charging capability, MagSafe packs are better as battery extenders than full-on battery packs. Apple updated the MagSafe Battery Pack’s charging rate from 5W to 7.5W early this year, which is still slower than cable but equals the Anker models above. If you can live with the lower storage and value its iPhone-friendly features, it’s a good purchase.

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