Instagram introduces “Kindness reminder” to preserve users’ privacy

Instagram is increasing the effectiveness of its anti-abuse feature by introducing ‘Kindness Reminders,’ in an effort to shield its users from harassment and bullying via direct messages. While simultaneously blocking other accounts that you have previously blocked, this tool alerts you when undesired, offensive, or sensitive content is transmitted to you.

Instagram introduce new 'Kindness reminder' feature to protect users privacy

The company’s goal is to eliminate harassing direct messages by sending them to a secret folder. Accounts that you have manually blacklisted can also be blocked automatically. The purpose of this is to prevent trolls from just creating a new account and continuing their abusive behavior under a different alias, which the business says is a significant problem.

When a user leaves an abusive remark on a post, the new filter prompts them to think again about the language they’re going to use, especially in the section where the post’s creator posted it.

Meta has been working hard to make its platform more secure and entertaining for users by adding new features and enhancing existing ones, such as privacy tools.

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