Why The iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Is Shaking and Making Noise

The Apple company released new gadgets not long ago with the inclusion of the iPhone pro-Max, and it gain a lot of acceptance and anticipation from a lot of people, well seems like the excitement of most people is turning to frustration as most iPhone users took to the internet to complain of an unusual sound coming from the phones rear camera when in using Apps like Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram.

Why The iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Is Shaking and Making Noise

It was first spotted by 9to5 Mac, “Because this iPhone 14 Pro camera shaking/rattling problem is only affecting the camera in third-party apps, it’s almost certainly a software bug of some sort. It is likely that these third-party apps weren’t prepared for the iPhone 14 pro camera changes”. Adding that, “it is possibly related to the optical image stabilization which is causing the rattling sound on the camera module. Currently, there is no fix to the issue.

While Apple gave the new iPhone 14 pro max and iPhone 14 pro one of their best camera systems yet this problem is affecting only the iPhone14 pro camera when it’s used in a third-party app.

Engadget says an Apple spokesman told them Apple is aware of the current issue and a fix will be released shortly.

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