Elon Musk reportedly desires to become the proprietor of his employees

Elon Musk may build a Tesla, Boring, and SpaceX company town. The Wall Street Journal suggests calling the proposed town Snailbrook, 35 miles from Austin, Texas.

Elon Musk reportedly desires to become the proprietor of his employees

Documents revealed plans to build 110 homes near Boring and SpaceX sites in Bastrop County. Workers would pay less than Bastrop’s median rent of $2,200.

However, town residents would be more dependent on Musk. His companies would pay rent and salary. The report states that if they were fired or left Boring, they had 30 days to exit the home. Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory is 30 minutes from Bastrop, so executives have considered asking Musk’s other companies’ employees to apply for Snailbrook housing.

The town may incorporate and turn a house into a 15-student Montessori school. Musk could set rules for the town, which would need a mayoral election.

Records indicate that Musk’s companies have purchased at least 3,500 acres of Austin land in recent years. Musk, his architect, former girlfriend Grimes, and Ye (Kanye West) allegedly discussed town ideas several times last year, but nothing was finalized.

The projects’ environmental effect has worried nearby residents. According to the Journal, Boring wants to dump 140,000 gallons of industrial effluent into the Colorado River daily. Testing Boring’s tunneling machines may impact groundwater and wells.

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