Amazon’s dog-starring Super Bowl ad tops tech ads.

Successful among Super Bowl advertisers was Amazon, a pet-friendly internet corporation that allows employees to bring their pets to work.

Amazon’s Super Bowl ad starring a dog ranks highest among tech commercials

USA TODAY’s Ad Meter ranked the top 10 advertisements broadcast during Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, and the 90-second piece titled “Saving Sawyer” placed third.

In the commercial, a family who got a dog during the pandemic recounts how their routine changed after they stayed home with their new pet. When everyone goes back to their regular schedules, Sawyer becomes destructive out of loneliness at home.

It appears that Sawyer is on the way out as the family is seen browsing Amazon for a dog kennel.

However, this is a happy Super Bowl commercial, not a warning about the dangers of adopting pets during a pandemic. So, Sawyer gets a new canine companion.

This movie goes behind the scenes to give you more information on Sawyer, a real shelter dog that made it big on television.

With a modest homage to its e-commerce beginnings, Amazon’s commercial was the most talked about tech spot from the Super Bowl. This is in contrast to previous years when the company’s voice assistant Alexa was the center of the commercials.

T-“Neighborly” Mobile’s ad, featuring a singing John Travolta, ranked seventh, and Workday’s “Rock Star” commercial for business management software came in at number ten.

Ad Meter judges deemed the commercial for The Farmer’s Dog, a pet food brand, to be the best overall.

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