LG to roll out its first bendable OLED TV

LG is bringing to you a bendable Tv that let you pick between flat or curved Tv. Now isn’t that amazing? The company made this announcement on Wednesday. Though the release date and price are yet to be revealed.

LG bendable OLED TV

The LG C2 TV is a 4inch TV with a timer, LG’s WebOS, and an LG also display’s OLED Evo technology used LG C2 TV. The TV/Remote comes with a button that changes the screen from flat to curve and vice verse. While the adjustment of the TV from the flat screen to a 900R curved screen takes place in 20 steps.

The Lx3 which is its model name, supports Dolby Vision gaming at 4k 120Hz, including all the latest HDMI 2.1 features. It has an adjustable stand that lets you tilt in any direction with a built-in game App that supports custom screensavers, and offers shortcuts to apps such as Twitch and YouTube. Among the features of the latest LG’s multiview option, you can play a game and at the same time minimize watching videos on YouTube and its likes that have been connected wirelessly to your phone.

LG bendable OLED TV

The LG monitors are compatible with Nvidia’s G-sync and AMD’s free sync technologies, which minimize screen tearing and stuttering in gaming

This latest TV gives you the ability to choose two kinds of TV in one. And it is also for gamers who would like to play on close view or its opposite.

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